Rakiura Hunter Camp Trust



This is the northernmost block of the three on Mason Bay on the West Coast of the Island.   It is noted for it's diverse habitat types ranging from dune country, former farmland , swamps and native forest.  Note, only four bunks in this hut.


Once farming ceased on the former Island Hill Run in 1986 the land has been reverting to native and most of the former paddocks are now being taken over by red tussock and flax.  The last runholder trapped whitetail and kept them in the paddock where the hut is now.  He built a deer quietening shed but  keeping the deer in captivity was  not successful  and was abandoned after the first winter.  

In the early 1990's some enterprising Invercargill hunters converted the shed into a rough hut for hunters. 



By 2008 this hut was deemed past its best use by date and a new hut was built by the Trust a short distance away.  The Community Trust of Southland provided some funding to allow Homestead and Martins Creek huts to be built at the same time to save costs with freight.  The builders were members of Southland, West Coast and South Otago Branches NZDA.  This hut has only four bunks.


Access:   Helicopter access is permitted at this hut.  Most hunter use land on the beach using a fixed wing charter from Invercargill with Stewart Island Flights.  Allow one hour to walk from the beach to the hut with your gear.  There are times when it is not possible to land at Duck Creek and you may need to walk to Martins Creek or even as far as Cavalier.  Some hunters access Freshwater landing with a water taxi and walk the track to the Hunters hut which will take about four hours. 



There is no cellphone reception at the hut.  You can access Stewart Island Flights on marine radio from the hut by prior arrangement. 









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